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Rocky Top Talk Exclusive! Tennessee Releases the AFS Curriculum

Retaining eligibility is hard for a college athlete. Balancing a full class load on top of an extensive practice schedule (although no more than 20 hours a week, according to official documentation) is one of the biggest challenges for most scholarship athletes, especially at a place like Tennessee. However, Tennessee academics are here to help. Rocky Top Talk has obtained exclusive details on the future of Tennessee athletics: a prospective Football Studies major. Please note that the class schedule presented may have notes from administration staff, although most of the class offerings have been finalized.

AFS 101: Locker Room Etiquette (instructor: Dooley)

Learn the basics of how to act and behave in the Tennessee locker room. For incoming freshman athletes, locker room etiquette in all forms and facets is a critical part of integrating into the team. A wet lab is included in this class.

AFS 120: Weight Training and Exercise Nutrition (instructor: McKeefery)

The basics of Tennessee weight training and dieting are covered. This class, like AFS 101, is required to be taken in the first semester.

AFS 130: Free Kick Catching (instructor TBD)

A prospective class that's still waiting on an instructor, this class covers the basics of how to catch punts and kickoffs. This class is new this semester; due to not having an instructor last year, this class was cancelled.

AFS 131: Environmental Factors - Wind and Sun (instructor TBD)

This class is designed to be taken with AFS 130 (and will eventually be combined and repackaged as AFS 132 - How To Not Be An Idiot and Just Call For the Fair Catch), but fittingly it's also waiting on an instructor. Topics of the class will include how to properly judge the effects of the environment on balls currently in the air. An emphasis will be placed on punts and kickoffs.

AFS 150: Cut Blocks and You: The Georgia Tech Case Study (instructor: Johnson)

As part of an ongoing inter-college knowledge exchange program (ICEP), Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson will teach the basics of proper option blocking technique. Attendance is mandatory, classes bring promptly on time, and may God have mercy if you miss a class. You've been warned.

AFS 161: Playing Until Just after the Whistle: The Auburn Case Study (instructor: Fairley)

Like AFS 150, this class is offered as part of the ICEP. Learn from recent NFL draftee Nick Fairley how to get that little extra edge in. Please note that unlike most MWF classes, this class runs for 56 minutes, not 55. Do not leave early.

AFS 201: Press Conferences I (instructor: Davis)

Tennessee is proud to present special guest instructor Crash Davis for this course. Learn how to stand in front of a podium, face the press, and manage to say absolutely nothing interesting for hours on end.

AFS 211: Understanding the 40 Multiple (instructor: Wilcox)

Tennessee DC Justin Wilcox will teach the basics of the benefits and drawbacks of the 40 defense. Special emphasis will be placed on secondary play within the 40 base this semester.

AFS 212: Spread History and Evolution (instructor: Chaney)

Know your history. Jim Chaney leads a detailed discussion of how the modern spread came to be, including roots and potential future. Guest instructors are in discussion as part of this course, although nothing has been confirmed.

AFS 251: War Metaphors: Soldiers and Officers (instructor: Dooley)

Learn from the AFS dean himself! Derek Dooley offers an insightful view into the effect that wars have played on football. Special emphasis is placed on World War II. Please note that contrary to popular rumors, Kellen Winslow, Jr. is not lined up as a guest instructor for this class this semester.

AFS 252: Proper Pass Blocking Technique (instructor: Hiestand)

Tennessee Offensive Line Coach Harry Hiestand teaches the basics of the zone blocking scheme. Please note that AFS 253, Proper Run Blocking Technique, has been removed at the request of one Mr. Bray for reasons that "will become clear in September." Rumors persist that AFS 253 would have been folded due to no advisor recommending the class this semester.

AFS 260: Reading Zone Defense (instructor: Chaney)

Tennessee OC Jim Chaney will cover the basics and not-so-basics of zone coverage. Learn how to attack zone coverage from an offensive perspective. Note that this class is different from AFS 261 - Playing Zone Defense, which is not offered this term.

AFS 310: Press Conferences II (instructor: Mora)

Jim Mora offers an insightful look at the art of the press conference. This class will expand on the offerings in AFS 201 to include, among other topics, how to flip out at a question for no obvious reason. Please note that Mr. Mora will serve as the head of a semester-long roundtable. The guest instructor list is still pending.

AFS 311: Special Teams I (instructor: Russell)

Eric Russell will cover the basics of special teams. This includes proper kicking and punting technique, coverage schemes, and in theory return blocking and the art of returns. However, previous attempts to hold this class have shown that the class proceeds slowly, and the Art of Returns section has not been completed in years. Tennessee is exploring moving this class to the AFS 100 level, as most other universities offer this class as part of their introductory freshmen curriculum.

AFS 325: Understanding the Fluid Nature of Time (instructor: Miles)

Guest instructor Les Miles will lead an extended group discussion on the variable nature of time. Please note that contrary to the syllabus Prof. Miles will use, this class is TR 9:40-10:55, not FWRSS e:pi-0:00. Please show up to - and leave - promptly on time. This class is part of the ICEP.

AFS 351: Dealing with the Media I: Agitation (instructor: Finebaum)

Guest instructor Mr. Paul Finebaum will teach how to respond to media pressure. The esteemed Mr. Finebaum is based out of Alabama and is a master in the field of response generation. This class is entirely a lab, and public appearances will be part of the curriculum. This class may be broadcast; details are pending

AFS 352: Dealing with the Media II: Fawning Coverage (instructor: Danielson)

As a counter-point to AFS 351, guest instructor Mr. Gary Danielson will teach the tips and tricks on how to get the media to completely ignore all your faults. This class is a distance-learning class offered via video conference only; all cameras will be using soft focus.

AFS 361: Uniform History (instructor TBD)

Learn the history of Tennessee's uniform history, including why Tennessee continues to wear orange pants. Please note that this class offering is pending the university finding someone who can conclusively answer the question in the previous sentence.

AFS 400: Special Topics - Defending the Zone Read (instructor TBD)

Spread option offenses are all the rage these days. Learn how to defend them, just as soon as Tennessee can find someone who can answer that question.

AFS 410: Exercise Nutrition II (instructor: Miles)

Prof. Miles has developed an exclusive new diet in conjunction with Louisiana State agricultural nutritionists. Learn the details of the Miles Raw Diet and how to apply it to critical moments. A lab is part of this class. This class is also ICEP-compliant.

AFS 415: Awards and You: Dealing With Disappointment (instructor: Manning)

Esteemed Tennessee alumnus Peyton Manning returns to campus! For most of the potential attendees of his 400-level class, the football awards circuit is a daunting proposition, full of potential honors and pitfalls. Mr. Manning will discuss what happens when things don't go well, and slam-dunk awards don't go well. Please note that the proposed final exam, "beating up a fat piñata that looks like the Michigan mascot", is under evaluation and may not be the actual final.

AFS 431: Band Conducting I (instructor: Sousa)

You just led the Tennessee football team to a rousing victory! Learn from Dr. Gary Sousa how to conduct the Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band in a stirring rendition of "Rocky Top" while ignoring the drum major standing right next to you.

AFS 433: Displaying Emotion on the Field (instructor: Redding)

Tennessee is proud to have guest instructor Rogers Redding, the NCAA Secretary Rules-Editor, to explain the dangers of ever showing any emotion over the course of a football game, even a little bit. Learn the hazards of acting like you care about the result or your performance, and the damage it can have on your colleagues. Bill Snyder will be a special guest instructor.

AFS 511: Graduate Topics I - Special Teams II (instructor: Russell)

To be honest, nobody's ever signed up for this class. Rumor has it Tennessee just has it here to satisfy a minimum graduate-level coursework requirement. No curriculum is available for this class at the time of publication of this course guide.

AFS 512: Recruiting and the Limits of Roster Flexibility (instructor: Nutt)

This graduate-level course is a natural expansion of non-linear thinking for students who enjoyed AFS 325. Guest instructor Mr. Houston Nutt will teach how to get the most bang for your recruiting buck. Please note that prior to enrollment in AFS 512, students must own a red, blue, black, and gray shirt for the lab component of the class. Also, rumors that Mr. Cecil Newton will be involved with this class are ill-founded and patently untrue, as "it's not that kind of bang for your buck", per Mr. Nutt.

AFS 515: Using Tempo as an Equalizer (instructors: Malzahn and Kelly)

Prof. Gus Malzahn and Prof. Chip Kelly will lead a theory-based class on how to make the game clock work for you. Note that this class is MTWRF 9:05-9:25; when asked if they wanted to use the full 50 minutes allotted to that timeslot, both Prof. Malzahn and Prof. Kelly responded that they wouldn't need that much time to cover the material.