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Talking Points: SEC Spring Meetings and More

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CHEATING, RULE-BREAKING, COWBELLS, AND MONEY. Mr. SEC has a list of the hot button issues that will be addressed this week at the SEC spring meetings in Destin. They include cheating, the Cam Newton loophole, playing the rat, recruiting dirt, cost of attendance scholarships, oversigning, cowbells, basketball divisions and tournament seeding, TV contracts and the boatloads of money they make, and league expansion. Sounds about right to me.

INVASION OF THE BALL SNATCHERS. Most of the rest of Tennessee's DB-heavy signing class is beginning to arrive on campus. WR DeAnthony Arnett's suitcase is full of confidence and YouTube videos.

NOT JUST HYGIENE ANYMORE. Another peak into the recruiting methods of head coach Derek Dooley: Room inspections:

Funniest moment of [Pat Martin's] recruitment? "I'd have to say when coach Dooley came to my house," Martin said. "The first thing he said was, 'Pat let me see your room.' It was a little off the wall, but it was funny. He said it was a nice little setup. I passed the room inspection. It was pretty clean that week."

HEH. NOW THAT'S FITTING. UT Sports Information Director Bud Ford is retiring and becoming a historian.

START THE COUNTDOWN. Tennessee's uncomfortable meeting with the NCAA Committee on Infractions is June 10 and 11. Cross your fingers and hope to not die.

I HATE THOSE GUYS. Man, has it really been six years since Tennessee's beaten Florida? No wonder I'm in a foul mood. John Adams and Lindy's says we're gaining on them, though, so there's that.