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Best Plays of 2010: Stars and Checkerboards vs. End Zone Alchemy

Today's matchup in the Best Plays of 2010 pits Stars and Checkerboards (which beat Hey, Nice Read 55%-44%) against End Zone Alchemy (which beat How Did He Do It 60%-39%). Apparently, our polling machine is skimming pennies off the top and depositing them into an account in the Grand Cayman. Somebody look into that.

So what's it going to be? Eric Gordon's pick six and Chris Walker's destruction of Jeremiah Masoli in a rout against Ole Miss or Janzen Jackson's key end zone interception against North Carolina in a Music City Bowl loss? One made six points out of thin air and put a cherry on top to make it a beautiful day at Neyland for the team's first SEC win, and the other made six points for the other team vanish into thin air in a close game that the Vols would have won had the rules changed a year earlier. You decide. Videos below.

Stars and Checkerboards?

Or End Zone Alchemy?