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Best Plays of 2010: Man-Sized Throw vs. Firing Long Again

In the first real blow out of the first round, Man-Sized Throw toyed with Heh, Gator Bit, getting 80% of the vote. Firing Long Again also had an easy time of it, getting 61% of the vote against Traffic, What Traffic?

So which play should advance, Man-Sized Throw, which was essentially Tyler Bray's coming out party, or Firing Long Again, which was him continuing to show that the first wasn't a fluke? Both plays came in eventual losses and both involved buying some room with a nice pump fake followed up with a perfect pass to a receiver in stride in the end zone. One went to a senior receiver having a career day, and the other went to a fellow freshman learning on the job along with Bray.

Videos republished after the jump.

Man-Sized Throw:

Firing Long Again: