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Talking Points: On the Benefits of Sibling Rivalries

Never Count Out a Reveiz. Derek Dooley's awarded scholarships to walk ons Shane Reveiz and Jake Storey. Chest bumps to them. Shane may never be Nick, but then again, Nick wasn't supposed to be Nick, either. So I fully expect Shane to somehow become the team's leading tackler this fall. That's the way the Reveiz's work.

If That's True, Then Yes, Let Them Be Themselves. Eric Berry keeps saying his brothers are both smarter and more athletic than he is, and he keeps telling them to just be themselves:

"You do your own thing," Eric Berry said during a recent stop in Knoxville for the a3 benefit golf tournament. "If you want to be like me, just take it to another level. You don't have to follow in my footsteps. Don't let anybody put that label on you as 'Eric Berry's little brother.' Make a name for yourself."

I for one would very much like for them to be just like Eric, but if they're just as good in different ways, I guess we could live with that, too, right? ;-) And I'm eagerly looking forward to the day when they become their own Berries.

Rocky Top League Update. Trae Golden made some clutch plays (can one actually make "clutch" plays in a summer exhibition league?) in the RTL last night. Quinton Chievous hit four early threes on the way to a 125-112 win. Renaldo Woolridge had 32 points on 16-28 shooting and held Boo Jackson to only 10. He also lost the handle on a spectacularly well-conceived but ill-executed breakaway dunk. Cameron Tatum's team was undermanned and undersized, but Tatum used the time well to work on his rebounding. Rebounding. We're all about rebounding here on Rocky Top, right? Everybody continues to say good things about Cuonzo Martin.

Big Night for Tennessee Basketball. The NBA Draft is tonight, and Bruce Pearl thinks that both Tobias Harris and Scotty Hopson are going to have their names called. That would be cool. I'd rather be wrong than right in this case.