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Best Plays of 2010: Stayin' Alive vs. Stars and Checkerboards

The Best Plays of 2010 Bracket is now down to the final four. Stayin' Alive beat Bray Begins to Click in the first round and The Accidental Touchdown in the second round, 52%-47%. Stars and Checkerboards beat Hey, Nice Read rather easily in the first round and squeaked out a one-vote victory over End Zone Alchemy in the second. Who says a single person can't make a difference in the world? ;-)

So the first final four matchup pits Stayin' Alive against Stars and Checkerboards. The videos are once against republished after the jump. Which are you going to vote to advance? Why? The winner of this one will go against the winner of tomorrow's on Wednesday, so you only have until nearly midnight tomorrow to vote.