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Best Plays of 2010: Near Disaster Averted vs. Firing Long Again

In our second semi-final of the RTT Best Plays of 2010 Bracket, we have Near Disaster Averted taking on Firing Long Again. Near Disaster Averted made it here by beating Watch the Pretty Pattern and Tennessee Takes the Lead Against Alabama. Firing Long Again first beat Traffic, What Traffic and then, in a total surprise to me, Man-Sized Throw.

Now that the annual is available for preorder and the bracket is down to four plays, I'll go ahead and fess up to what I chose (with the help of Will and some others) as the top five plays of the 2010 season for one of the articles I contributed. They were Near Disaster Averted, Man-Sized Throw, The Accidental Touchdown, Stars and Checkerboards, and Stayin' Alive. So it's nice that three of those five ended up in the final four of the bracket. The rest of y'all are just wrong about Firing Long Again. ;-)

Anyway, what's your pick between Near Disaster and Firing Long? The videos and poll are below the jump. You only have today to vote on this one, as the winner takes on yesterday's winner tomorrow for the final.

Near Disaster Averted:

Firing Long Again: