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Talking Points: 'Tude, Cereal with Not Milk, and Ironic Punctuation

ROCKY TOP LEAGUE REPORT. Skylar McBee was on the floor for five of six loose-ball scrambles (and on the bench for the other) and scored 23 points on 8-of-14 shooting in last night's RTL action. He hit seven of ten threes, which, you know, woo. (TANGENT: I just accidentally typed "Skylar McBeen" and gave myself the giggles. Hope that's not an omen or something. And now back to our original programming.) Jordan McRae, though, stole the show, putting up 55 points (duplicate link). Not a fluke, either, because he's scored between 41 and 48 in five games. Yeah, it's an exhibition league with no defense, but even if you cut that in half, that's a pretty good scoring threat.

Interesting quote from former Vol Dane Bradshaw about UT's current players:

"I think the league was deeper this year, and it was competitive,'' Bradshaw said. "The Tennessee guys went hard, and there wasn't a sense of entitlement with them. It's back to having a chip on the shoulder."

Hmm. Well. Had players developed a sense of entitlement over the past several years? Dane would know. Regardless, it sounds like he thinks they have the right attitude now.

IT'S BETTER WITH ACID. Someone must have peed in John Adams' bowl of Kashi this morning. Sheesh, the man can be merciless. Jimmy Carter? Really?

WELL YAHOO WITH A SARCASTIC EXCLAMATION POINT! Yahoo! is cranking up the football content, but look, no Tennessee "players to watch", no Tennessee "defensive stars", and only an honorable mention for . . . Da'Rick Rogers . . . for "offensive stars." I say we confiscate their punctuation. Who's with me? RAWWRRRRR.

WELCOME BACK. Welcome to Bill Mosiello, the former UT Baseball assistant who has now become the latest addition to Dave Serrano's staff.

MOURNFUL SIGH.The rumors surrounding the death of Aaron Douglas appear to have been confirmed. Prayers for the family.

ETCETERAS. Malik Jackson: Vol for Life with the tats to prove it. . . . Shane Reveiz will gladly accept Dooley's scholarship, but will keep his walk-on attitude, thank you very much. . . . What does Phillip Fulmer miss about football? Just, you know, everything.