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Best Plays of 2010 Bracket - Introduction & History

It's that time of year again, as we at RTT will unveil the sixteen best plays of the 2010 football season and you'll vote on the winner in our fifth annual Best Plays Bracket.  Voting will open tomorrow with the first of eight opening round matchups.  This year more than any of the previous three that I've been around RTT for, this is a very unpredictable bracket - no one play seems to stand out as a clear favorite, and thanks to Tyler Bray, it's not unpredictable in a bad way like most of the choices in our 2008 bracket (which included a punt), but unpredictable in the finer points of comparing a number of long touchdown passes.

So while Joel is behind the scenes putting all the clips together, here's a look back at the winners you selected for each of the past four seasons:

2006:  "Got a's caught!"

2007:  Big Dan got mad ups.

2008:  Eric Berry clobbers Knowshon Moreno

2009:  Wes Brown's knees gave their all for Tennessee

We'll see you tomorrow for the first matchup of the 2010 bracket.