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Talking Points: We're Still Here Edition

BEST COACHING GIGS. According to's Andy Staples, Tennessee is the 16th-best college football coaching job. Dragging it down are the recruiting challenges.

CHECKING IN ON THAT AUBURN/TENNESSEE SIMILARITIES THING. Remember when Auburn and Tennessee were having essentially the same challenges in 2008, lost their head coaches due to hiring wrong assistants, and then hired new head coaches that took them in different directions? John Adams isn't buying Gene Chizik's contention that the 2011 Auburn team, like the UT team, is rebuilding.

IT'S LIKE NETFLIX FOR MILLIONAIRES. Did you ever wonder how much schools pay for those recruiting services that provide video of prospects? Well now you know, and yes, Lane Kiffin is a spendthrift.

A HOG VOTE FOR MUSCHOMP.  Bobby Petrino says Will Muschamp can coach defense. Petrino's Arkansas and Louisville teams have scored 10 or fewer points only four times, and Muschamp's 2008 Texas team makes the short list.

THAT HARRIS GUY. VIDEO: Tobias Harris's workout routine. Also this: Harris's NBA Draft Profile from Rush the Court.