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Talking Points: Timing is Everything Edition

HOLD ON. We're bracing for impact here on Rocky Top with the meeting with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions barreling down on us. But we won't know the damage for another 6-12 weeks after that. Let's see, 12 weeks puts us fans right at kickoff for the opening game, a time that we'd rather be enjoying the anticipation of the upcoming season, so yeah, that sounds about right. Bobby Denton will announce the penalties as the guys are running through the T.

HALF-HEARTED SOUP. Either I'm tired or John Adams must be losing his touch. I can't tell whether this article is pot-stirring or actually making some points. True, I gave up after 30 seconds, but you know.

BLOGGERS FAVOR JDs. Sports Time Ohio has a list of candidates to replace Jim Tressel, and Derek Dooley's second on the list behind Iowa's Kirk Ferentz. Dooley's above Chris Petersen, Les Miles, and Bob Stoops, for whatever it's worth. HT: Mr. SEC.

MUST MOVE FEET. Kenny Hall's prodigious ability to rack up fouls was fine as a backup's backup, but now that he's the projected starter, he needs to cut that out. Cuonzo Martin says he can and will.