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Mike Hamilton Set to Resign at 11 AM

WBIR and several other sources are reporting that Mike Hamilton is set to resign as Tennessee's athletic director at 11 AM today. This broke early this morning, and additional details are still all over the place and flowing in; they'll likely be coming in for weeks. Between the coaching upheaval across three of UT's major four sports - baseball, football, and men's basketball (women's basketball is, thankfully, safe under the watchful eyes of Joan Cronan and Miss Pat for the near future) -  this could easily be a writing-on-the-wall situation. Incidentally, this feels like a precursor to an additional move, or set of revelations, or something else happening behind the scenes that we may not be aware of yet.

Sports Animal will be carrying the press conference - this stream should work.

The timing here is unfortunate and more than a bit strange. Opinion on Hamilton is (somewhat obviously) split at this point; for all the good things Hamilton brought to Tennessee, the last few years haven't been fun off the field. We'll worry about potential replacements later; the timing here screams that something's hitting somewhere, and it's not minor. Guess we'll find out soon enough.