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Best Plays of 2010: Stayin' Alive vs. Bray Begins to Click

Stayin' Alive -- Tyler Bray's 20-yard TD to Luke Stocker in overtime against North Carolina

After all the chaos at the end of regulation, the Vols went to overtime in the Music City Bowl and immediately fell behind when Carolina scored a touchdown on its first offensive possession. But on the second play of Tennessee's possession, Tyler Bray fired his fourth touchdown pass of the night to his fourth different receiver, this time connecting with Luke Stocker in the back of the end zone. Though the Vols would ultimately fall a few plays later, Stocker's great catch kept the game alive in overtime.

Bray Begins to Click -- Tyler Bray's 17-yard TD to Gerald Jones against South Carolina

If the previous play didn't make you a believer in Tyler Bray, this one did. After a 62-yard completion to Denarius Moore, a penalty moved the Vols back from the 2 to the 17 yard line. No worries: Though pressure was the common theme of the day, Bray stood in the pocket on the very next play and fired over the middle, hitting a diving Gerald Jones between two defenders for the touchdown that tied the score. Though the Vols would eventually fall to Carolina, Bray's series of completions, capped by this touchdown, let everyone in orange know that things were beginning to change.