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Talking Points: Anticipating Football and Remembering Former Vols

The first few weeks of July is traditionally the time for sports writers to catch their collective breath and sneak in a bit of rest before the whole machine cranks up again and dominates everything in sight. As GVX's Mike Strange points out, the other options are to talk about MLB's All-Star Game, a British Open without Tiger Woods, the Tour de France, and . . . to do what we do best, and that's anticipate football. Strange takes a look at Nebraska in the Big Ten (potentially affecting Tennessee in the bowl season), the new Pac-12, the Heisman race, Rutgers selling naming rights to its stadium, new coaches, and the celebration rule change. Hey, still two more weeks to SEC Media Days.

Volnation has nice things to say about Charles Davis, who's teaming up with Gus Johnson to do FOXSports games this fall. I, along with almost everyone else, hated Fox's coverage of the BCS, but that was mostly due to having them jump in for the best stuff after sitting out the rest of the season and generally doing a horrible job of it because they didn't know anything about college, and I think freak's right -- Johnson and Davis could be a really solid team.

Volquest is filling time by drafting teams consisting of former Vol players. So far, one team has Al Wilson, Eric Berry, John Henderson and three others, and the other has Peyton Manning, Leonard Little, Shaun Ellis, and three others.