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The RTT Podcast Continues Tonight at 9:00 ET

Join Will and I tonight as we talk with Brad Shepard of Third Saturday in Blogtober as part of our eight-week series working our way through all of the stories and contributors to the Maple Street Press Volunteers Kickoff. We'll talk with Brad about the entire roster and give special attention to the features on the wide receivers and Malik Jackson that he so excellently contributed to the annual.

We're still a week away from the annual being available on store shelves, but hopefully you've been able to pre-order yours already. If so, read or re-read Brad's articles before the podcast tonight:

  • Baby Steps (breaking down the roster, on page 5);
  • Rediscovering "Wide Receiver U" (page 43); and
  • Change for the Better (feature on Malik Jackson, on page 53).

Brad also wrote the 5 Players to Watch article in the High Fives section on page 105.

If you've not been able to get your copy yet, be sure to pick one up on Tuesday when it magically appears everywhere magazines are sold.

Hope to see you on the podcast tonight. Here's the pertinent info for that:

You can listen live by clicking the sometimes magic orange widget below. Or you can wait, download it later, and listen to it in your car on the way to work tomorrow.