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SEC Media Days - Day 1 Open Thread

Nothing says football is just around the corner like SEC Media Days, which begin this afternoon.  Mike Slive will make his annual address first at 1:30 PM EDT, and Twitter is all abuzz with significant news to come (Texas A&M and a player to be named later?  A rebranding of the SEC Championship Game as The National Championship Game?  A Bruce Pearl timeline?  Who can say.).  Then we'll have the following lineup starting at 2:00 PM EDT:

ESPNU is covering the event live all day, or you can also follow along with live streaming via the SEC's website.  The SB Nation crew of Holly Anderson, Spencer Hall, and Doug Gillett is also there live - you can follow their storysteam here.

We'll be keeping an eye on things here all afternoon - feel free to join in and comment.  Media Days are the warmup for the real live threads this fall, which are just six weeks away...