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Dooley and Tennessee Players at SEC Media Days 2011

Day 2 of SEC Media Days is in the books, and Tennessee made it through the gauntlet all while maintaining inadvertently coordinated but spiffy wardrobes. There's a lot to sort through, so I'm going to link to it first. You can check out Dooley's transcript and video, Tauren Poole's video, Dallas Thomas's video, and Malik Jackson's video by following those links. There are supposed to be transcripts to the players' interview sessions as well, but Malik must have executed some wicked technological shenanigans because every Tennessee player link (beware auto play vid! Ack!) goes to his transcript, which is right in line with his "me, me, and me" answer to the question of who he thought was the fastest player on the defensive line.

If you want spoon-fed, head over to SB Nation NCAA Football for bite-sized recaps of Dooley, Joker Phillips, pastoral Mark Richt, and stone-jawed Gene Chizik.

For his part, Dooley was opinionated, although he's not making any promises as far as the time it will take to get this thing turned around. He was unequivocal, though, in stating that losing Herman Lathers to injury is huge and that "[i]t's important we get Herman back as soon as we can."

SECMD concludes today with Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, and Vandy.