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Near Disaster Averted is RTT's Best Play of 2010

Well, it's official. RTT's Best Play of 2010 is Near Disaster Averted, a TD pass in overtime against a team that finished in a three-way tie for 3rd-worst in Conference USA, and from a QB who eventually lost the starting job to boot. But here's the thing. We needed that game. It wasn't a great victory, but it was a great escape, and it was one we desperately needed. Plus, the play itself was a terrific effort by both Matt Simms and Denarius Moore. So I'm fine with it being the thumbnail on the 2010 season highlight reel, although I probably would have chosen Man-Sized Throw myself, both for the play and for what it meant to the team going forward.

A recap of the plays, the relevant contexts, and the results of the Bracket are below the jump. Thanks to everyone for voting.

First Round Losers

Second Round Victims

Semi-Final Losers

Runner Up