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The 2011 RTT Podcast Series Kicks Off Tonight at 9:00 ET

The RTT Podcast fires back up tonight (and may backfire as well, so be prepared) because we're inching closer to the beginning of the season, dontcha know.

The plan over the next eight weeks is to have the podcast every Wednesday at 9:00 ET, and to work our way through all of the stories and contributors to the Maple Street Press Volunteers Kickoff. Tonight, we're getting Will and I out of the way, so we'll be talking about 2010 and its highlights, Will's features on Tyler Bray, Arian Foster, and the ten-year anniversary of the bittersweet end to the 2001 season, and my article on what recruiting rankings have to say about national champions.

Like I said, we're going to do this for the next eight weeks, so although it may be too late to study up by pre- or re-reading the articles we'll be talking about tonight, it's neither too late nor too early to pre-order yours and start studying for next week, when we hope to catch up with Brad Shepard and talk in depth about the Vols' wide receivers, Malik Jackson, and all of the various units that make up the team.

Here's the pertinent info for the 'cast:

You can listen live by clicking the sometimes magic orange widget below. Or you can wait, download it later, and listen to it in your car on the way to work tomorrow.