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Pat Summitt diagnosed with early onset dementia, will coach Lady Vols this season

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I've typed a lot of difficult headlines over the last three years here, but none of them felt worse than this one.

Dan Flesser of The Knoxville News-Sentinel has the most complete story on Pat Summitt's diagnosis of early onset dementia.  Go read that right now.

UT is expected to make an official announcement at some point today, at which point I'm sure there will be more information.

I don't know what to say here except, "What do you say?"  The guys here at RTT who have covered the Lady Vols can speak to this much, much better than I can.  But anyone associated with Tennessee knows that Pat Summitt was and is our rock - the one truly steady person to hold on to for decades.  And through good times and bad throughout both athletic departments, she made sure that Lady Vol Basketball was always, always the best.

This is about more than just Pat Summitt, the winningest basketball coach of all-time.  This is Pat Summitt the person, whose entire life will be affected by this.

But true to form, her final quote in Flesser's story shows that both the coach and the person know only one way:  forward.

"I feel better just knowing what I’m dealing with,’’ she said. "And as far as I’m concerned it’s not going to keep me from living my life, not going to keep me from coaching."