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Last Chance to join RTT's 2011 Pick 'Em Contest

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Knock knock.  Who's there?  Football.

The season starts tonight, which means this is the last chance to get in on our season-long pick 'em contest through Fun Office Pools.  You can sign up there for free and then search for our "Rocky Top Talk 2011" pool.  Weekly winners receive $10 gift cards to Gameday Depot, and the 2011 champion wins a $50 gift card.  More on the rules and regulations here.  We pick 20 games every week, straight up with confidence points (20 points on the game you feel most confident about, 1 point on the game you feel least confident about, etc).  You can still play on a weekly basis at any point in the season, and you can still sign up until Saturday morning this week, though you'll lose out on the Thursday/Friday games.  But the show starts tonight, with three games on the slate.

Some stats from this morning, with 110 people in the pool:

  • 57% of our players currently like Boise State over Georgia
  • 68% like Oregon over LSU
  • Three people have picked Montana over Tennessee
  • Closest game of the week:  53% like BYU over Ole Miss
  • Most confident game of the week:  zero people have picked SMU over Texas A&M (SEC!  SEC!  SEC!)
  • Tonight!  96% like Wisconsin over UNLV!  93% like Mississippi State over Memphis!  95% like Kentucky over Western Kentucky!  It doesn't matter, because it's football!