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Last Chance to join RTT's 2011 Pick 'Em Contest

Knock knock.  Who's there?  Football.

The season starts tonight, which means this is the last chance to get in on our season-long pick 'em contest through Fun Office Pools.  You can sign up there for free and then search for our "Rocky Top Talk 2011" pool.  Weekly winners receive $10 gift cards to Gameday Depot, and the 2011 champion wins a $50 gift card.  More on the rules and regulations here.  We pick 20 games every week, straight up with confidence points (20 points on the game you feel most confident about, 1 point on the game you feel least confident about, etc).  You can still play on a weekly basis at any point in the season, and you can still sign up until Saturday morning this week, though you'll lose out on the Thursday/Friday games.  But the show starts tonight, with three games on the slate.

Some stats from this morning, with 110 people in the pool:

  • 57% of our players currently like Boise State over Georgia
  • 68% like Oregon over LSU
  • Three people have picked Montana over Tennessee
  • Closest game of the week:  53% like BYU over Ole Miss
  • Most confident game of the week:  zero people have picked SMU over Texas A&M (SEC!  SEC!  SEC!)
  • Tonight!  96% like Wisconsin over UNLV!  93% like Mississippi State over Memphis!  95% like Kentucky over Western Kentucky!  It doesn't matter, because it's football!