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Thursday Night Kickoff Open Thread

If you're especially eager, you've got Louisville vs. Murray State on ESPNU right now.  If you're willing to wait, you'll be treated to the following in just a few hours:

  • Mississippi State at Memphis - 8:00 PM - Fox Sports Net
  • UNLV at Wisconsin - 8:00 PM - ESPN
  • Kentucky vs Western Kentucky (LP Field - Nashville) - 9:15 PM - ESPNU
You'll have to wait until the late game to see anything of real relevance for the Vols, but the Mississippi State-Memphis affair certainly has some SEC and in-state appeal.

If you've never followed one of our live threads before, all our SB Nation sites have the best live commenting system on the internet - we'll have the same thread up for every Saturday and every UT game this fall, so we invite you to join the fray and comment along.  It's a slow burn this weekend, but Saturday night at 6:00 in Neyland and the 8:00 PM main events that follow will be well worth the wait.

Congratulations, you made it.  College Football is here.