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Polls, Polls Everywhere: BlogPoll And SEC Power Poll, Week 3 Preliminary

Twice the number of polls mean twice the number of things I can get wrong! Some quick notes:

  • The sheets aren't live yet. I don't have enough confidence in the available data yet to not have about 15 manual overrides yet, so the sheet's on the sidelines for the time being.
  • We're putting the SEC Power Poll in the same place this week. It's all the same basic ideas, anyway.

We're just going to chuck both polls into the same post (I'm not aware of any particular rubric against this), so it'll be BlogPoll and then the SEC Power Poll. Once we get the sheet up and running, it'll all come from the same location, so I figure may as well conserve post space.

BlogPoll Rankings:

1. LSU

2. Boise State

3. Alabama

4. Oklahoma

5. Wisconsin

6. Stanford

7. Texas A&M

8. Florida State

9. Nebraska

10. Oregon

11. Arkansas

12. Oklahoma State

13. South Carolina

14. Virginia Tech

15. Ohio State

16. Arizona Staet

17. Michigan State

18. Baylor

19. West Virginia

20. Texas

21. South Florida

22. UCF

23. Northwestern

24. Georgia Tech

25. Florida

And now, the first version of the SEC Power Poll.

SEC Power Poll

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Arkansas

4. South Carolina

5. Florida

6. Tennessee

7. Auburn

8. Mississippi State

9. Georgia

10. Vanderbilt

11. Kentucky

12. Ole Miss

As usual, notes and ranking details are below the jump.

  • The top, top tier: LSU, Boise State, Alabama. Oddly, I give LSU equally as much credit for doing what it was supposed to do - taking out an overmatched Northwestern State with impunity - as much as what it did to Oregon. Boise State and Alabama are close, and I can be persuaded either way. Both have effectively stifling, dominant road victories; Boise's feels a little better than Alabama's, but that may change by next week.
  • The top tier: Oklahoma, Wisconsin. This is more a statement in favor of Alabama than a detriment to Oklahoma. Wisconsin jumps Stanford for actually being awake for the early game yesterday.
  • The top-ish tier: Stanford, Texas A&M, Florida State, Nebraska. I don't know how much credit to give Nebraska, but I'm not sure how good Fresno State is. The name value is there for sure. Texas A&M hangs out again, and I guess we'll give FSU credit for a dominating win, which were in short supply this week. Stanford gets dinged a bit for taking over a half to put away Duke.
  • Warts and all: Oregon, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Ohio State. Oregon rebounded nicely to beat the unholy tar out of Nevada, which I'll award credit for within reason. (This isn't last year's Nevada.) Arkansas once again rolled, Oklahoma State looked very good against Arizona. From there, it gets weird. I don't know what to do with South Carolina, who had a knock-down fight with UGA - but that's been a knock-down game lately. Do they get credit for winning in Athens and get bounced up near the top of the tier, or are they in right about the correct spot? Georgia is 0-2, but they've had a tough two games. Meanwhile, VT and Ohio State both struggled, but VT's chronic sputtering comes off better than Ohio State, since VT at least moved the ball well and wasn't at home.
  • The sub-level: Arizona State, Michigan State, Baylor, WVU. ::points:: ::shrugs:: I still like Michigan State and I'm not sure why. WVU was hung over sleepwalking for a while. This is about where I start being unsure of who goes where.
  • Leftovers: Texas, USF, UCF, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Florida. Once again, I run out of teams to rank around 20 and I have neither ideas nor preferences.

And for the SEC power poll:

  • See above for the top 5. I'm pretty sure Florida's effectively at 5.
  • The mishmash: Tennessee, Auburn, MSU, UGA. Auburn is above MSU thanks to the head-to-head police, even if I'm not too okay with that. We're at 6 thanks to being the only undefeated of that lot, but UGA's also had the toughest schedule by far of this crew.
  • Avert your eyes: Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Ole Miss. Ole Miss is at the bottom thanks to sporting the only loss of this crew. Vanderbilt is, well, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky is twelve kinds of bad. Really, I can see Ole Miss being at the top of this group.

As always, all kinds of comments are welcome, because I have no idea what I'm doing.