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RTT Pick 'Em - Week 3 Trends

Here's your weekly reminder to lock in your picks in our Rocky Top Talk 2011 group over at Fun Office Pools.  You can still sign up and play week to week even if you've missed out on the first two weekends; weekly winners receive a $10 gift card to Gameday Depot.  As always, we're picking the Thursday game, so send them in before kickoff tonight so you have a chance to get all your confidence points this week.

After two weeks of blowouts and a lot of one-sided picks, things will get a lot more interesting this week.  Of our 20 matchups this weekend, almost half find less than 75% of our community in agreement on the winner.  Here's a look at how RTT readers are feeling as of Wednesday night:

  • One game that we do seem sure of:  a whopping 93% like LSU on the road in Starkville tonight.  This is probably because 85% of you had the Bulldogs last week at Auburn and got burned.
  • In the early games we'll be watching before the Vols and Gators kickoff at 3:30, 63% like Auburn on the road at Clemson (12:00 PM - ABC)...and in what is perhaps a pick 'em first, the majority like Vanderbilt (53%) to hold serve at home over Ole Miss (12:21 PM - SEC Network).  My first rule of picking games, for more than a decade, has been, "Don't pick Vanderbilt."  My new rule this week is, "If you pick Vanderbilt, make sure you only put one point on them."
  • This means I was forced to put two points on Wyoming, whom only 14% of you like on the road at the "Fighting" Clawsons of Bowling Green.
  • In the battle in the bluegrass, 88% have been more repulsed by Louisville than Kentucky thus far.
  • It's a very close week for our big out-of-conference games, with our community liking all of the road teams:  51% like Michigan State at Notre Dame, 75% like Ohio State at Miami, and just 58% like #1 Oklahoma on the road in Tallahassee.  There's also much disagreement on West Virginia (59%) at Maryland.
  • And finally, our closest matchup of the week:  Tennessee at Florida, with 51% leaning toward the Gators at the moment.  Traitors.