Tennessee Tweets-Week 3 Vols, Florida, and Torn ACL

Wow.  One week ago.  We were all riding high on the wave of swagger and the promise of the upswing starting with an upset.  Let's start the show shall we?


 Tyler Bray  Florida week. Enough said!  12 Sep

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No throat slash necessary.


 Tyler Bray  Its time to shock the WORLD!  

12 Sep


Yes, yes it was.  We got some national love...Being picked as the upset.


 Josh Ward  RT : Dan Hawkins on ESPN picks UT over Florida: "Tyler Bray, this guy's unbelievable. This guy's a sleeper Heisman candidate."

13 Sep


Even Eternal Buckeye Herbstreit picked us:


 Austin Ward  Herbstreit doubted Vols last week, takes them to beat Gators: "Winner of this game is rubbing elbows with South Carolina."

17 Sep 


Some Twitter smack talkin from Elam of Florida and our own Da'Rick Rogers:


 Matthew Elam    So Tennessee wide receivers talking trash??! Haha ok good job!  15 Sep



 Matthew Elam 


15 SepGrowing up playing ball I learned that the ones who talk the Most trash are the ones that are really frightened in the inside! Lol


 Darick Rogers  ": No disrespect to Montana & Cincinnati but you really don't have any!" Tweets of a terrified DB. 15 Sep


And it's on.  

Anthony Anderson makes it two weeks in a row with his random tweets.  Cookie connoisseur now animal afficienado   


 DOUBLE A  We have a new edition to our  our new pet hawk which flyswatter around our in door complex. His name is Napoleon Oscar :-) 16 Sep 



 DOUBLE A  Alert the hawk is just flying in our information sports complex lol



No immediate response was given if this was the cousin of Spirit, Auburn's beloved, who had his own run-in this week. Details of the fly-in are here.  Spirit is fine, btw. 

And I did a little giddy dance when I read this one:


 Austin Ward  Dooley's orange pants have made the trip. They're here to stay. 17 Sep


God, I love those pants.

After this it goes downhill...


 Austin Ward  Big third-down throw from Bray to Hunter, but it looks like it might have come with price. Hunter down holding knee -- now walking off. 17 Sep


Up until an hour ago, we didn't have an official answer, but most of our hearts knew:


 Tennessee Football   WR Justin Hunter Suffers Torn ACL In Left Knee -  via 1 hour ago



First tweets from Justin Hunter last night.





 A Kid Named Scott  nothin gonna hold me down 20 hours ago


We are all hoping for a speedy and full recovery for Mr. Hunter.  Our thoughts are with you.   

The game made even just taking the snap a ridiculous task.


 Peyton's Head   TD, after another bad snap. Tyler Bray may be the first college football player to win a Golden Glove award. 17 Sep


As we will learn what life is like without Justin Hunter on the field each Saturday this fall, there is another season approaching the horizon:  the first year of Cuonzo Martin era  Year Zero of Cuonzo Martin's BasketVols.

Cuonzo getting some love:


 Josh Ward  RT : We got a steal with Cuonzo. Every time I see & talk with him I think how fortunate we are to have him at Tennessee. 12 Sep 


Much to Swiperboy's delight, the legendary Rev Run of RunDMC made a little trip to Knoxville.


 Rev Run  Had a blast @ University of Tenn.. They Rock hard!!!!!!  17 Sep



No basketball twitter recap is complete without the always open Waffle House


 Jeronne Maymon  That waffle house set me super straight!!!  16 Sep 


And file this one under awkward town population 2:


 Tony Jones    Wow what a awkward moment just saw UT Chancellor Jimmy Cheek at barber shop. LOL. Funny! 13 Sep


Remember TJones is always live and keeping it real.

  Moving into the bye week, let's try not to what-if.


 maurice couch  Cant change the past, you put it behind you and focus on the next opponent! 24 minutes ago


This sums it  up this week or at least my feelings today.


 Dooley's Hair  So. Eric Berry out for year. Peyton Manning out for year (probably). Justin Hunter out for year.  47 minutes ago 


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