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Now Be Nice to Your Momma Coach Dooley

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Links related to our perfectly coifed head football coach

Derek Dooley puts a gag order on his regionally famous mom, who is a true national treasure according to Clay Travis and apparently enjoys skinny-dipping in her spare time.

So we had ten little six or seven year olds for the birthday party and they were all at the pool and I jumped in and pulled my top down and I said, 'We're gonna skinnydip!' And they all whipped their bathing suits off and my daughter was horrified. She said, 'I cannot believe I got calls about my child's birthday party that her grandmother skinnydipped with all the kids.'" "I just have to keep'em loose, baby, I keep 'em loose,"

More praise from Dooley on the recently oft-praised freshman Curt Maggitt and the demeanor of both Maggitt and his freshmen linebacking partner-in-crime A.J. Johnson.

Dooley waxes philosophical about #opportunityisnowhere.  I believe there to be a 63% chance that Dooley concocted this entire line of rhetoric just to help the program save a bit of face.  But he is convincing, and many will find him persuasive.  Just not me.

About last night

Two SEC teams were in action yesterday evening.  The Mississippi State Bulldogs went against the Memphis Tigers -- who are just all kinds of terrible at football -- and appropriately gave them their whuppins.  The University of Kentucky Wildcats, on the other hand, struggled mightily with the HIlltoppers of Western Kentucky -- a team that has shown some improvement over the last two years, but who nobody is mistaking for the '85 Bears. 


Bruce Pearl accepts a local VP of marketing position, turning down an offer from the NBA Development League.  I think Bruce will do well in this position, and I wish him the best of luck. 

Bruce Feldman leaves The Worldwide Leader and join forces with CBS.  I'm starting to think that there might just be some truth to the ESPN-as-evil-empire rhetoric.

With the Texas A&M addition essentially being a done deal, and it seeming unlikely that a 14th school will be added in time for the 2012 campaign, scheduling becomes tricky and creative solutions will need to be concocted

Former Vol assistant Willie Mack Garza leaves USC for reasons likely different than the officially-given reasons.