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#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Tracking Tennessee Football's Opportunity for Improvement Post-Florida

Let's see what damage our little visit down to Gainesville did to Tennessee's national stats, shall we? First up, the list of Things Tennessee Does Well:

Categories In Which Tennessee
Was In The Top Quartile after Week Three


W1 W2 W3
Offense Third-down Efficiency   11 4 7
Time of Possession 90 14 5 10
Passing Offense 30 16 9 11
First Downs 92 66 11 12
Passing Efficiency   7 5 13
Defense Fourth-down Efficiency - - T-1 19
Kickoff Return Yardage Defense 9 14 12 21

That's actually not so bad, all things considered. It does underscore the importance of Tyler Bray to this football team, and it may have some Justin Hunter residue on it, but ranking in the top ten in third down efficiency feels pretty good. And what do y'all think about that time of possession ranking? One of the reasons a running game is important is because it theoretically allows you to keep the ball for longer and deprive your opponent's offense of the opportunity to score. Tennessee's running game is beyond struggling right now, so how is it that with a one-dimensional passing attack, Tennessee is able to still rank so well in TOP?

The categories that fell off the top quartile chart this week are scoring offense, total offense, kickoff returns, and punt return yardage defense.

Let's take a look at the players who made the top 30 this week:

Player Stat W1 W2 W3
Tyler Bray Total Passing Yards 14 4 5
Tyler Bray Points Responsible For T-19 T-4 T-6
Tyler Bray Passing Yards Per Game 14 6 7
Tyler Bray Total Offense 29 9 12
Tyler Bray Passing (completions) - 10 14
Tyler Bray Passing Efficiency 5 5 15
Justin Hunter Total Receiving Yards 11 6 15
Justin Hunter Receiving Yards Per Game 11 10 18
Da'Rick Rogers Receptions Per Game - - 25

What was that I said about Bray? Yeah, that. Da'Rick makes an appearance for the first time this season, and this shouldn't be the last we see of him there.


And now for those areasofgreatestopportunity:

Categories In Which Tennessee
Is (Or Was) In The Bottom Quartile

Category 2010 W1 W2 W3
Rushing Offense 105 74 - 105
Fewest Yards Penalized Per Game - - - 98
Fewest Penalties Per Game - - - 97
Net Punting - - - 96
Offense Fourth Down Efficiency 96 59   94
Passes Intercepted - - - 93
Punt Returns 109 64 - 91

Oh, look. The rushing offense is right back to where it was last year. Yay. And what's up with the penalties, which came out of #nowhere. Ten of the blasted things for 94 yards will do that to you, I guess. And punt returns? How many years now have we been "fixing" that? Sigh.