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Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida: Final Player Report


While we were all sitting there thinking the world as we knew it had ended when Justin Hunter went down, there was a beacon of hope in a small, previously unopened package. True freshman wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett was a four-star prospect highly coveted by the best teams in the country, though he'd failed to see much of the field in the first two games. With Hunter out, Arnett all of a sudden became part of the offensive package and wound up leading the team with eight catches for 59 yards in the 33-23 loss to the Gators. Those are not staggering numbers, but they at least gave us something to hope for in a post-Hunter season. The 6-foot, 175-pounder ran good routes and didn't drop a single pass thrown his way. Though it may be a stretch to call him the game's MVP, given the circumstances, he certainly looked the part of being able to provide UT much-needed help in the passing game as Hunter recovers from his torn ACL and MCL. If he continues to develop and Hunter makes a full recovery, the Vols will be that much better next year. But next year is far off. Arnett can and will help us now.

Bless His Heart: JAMES STONE

This was an easy choice. Again, Stone was a marquee recruit who appears to have a solid future in front of him, but he has been the victim of a tug-of-war between guard and center, and some of his warts were exposed against a fast, athletic Florida defense. First off, a storyline reared its head again Saturday when Stone -- a left-hander who spent the offseason learning to snap right-handed -- consistently shotgun-snapped two-hoppers to Tyler Bray. That obviously hurt the offense as Bray had to drop and cover one snap that squirted past him, and, even when the quarterback corralled a low snap, he wasn't in a position to be looking downfield. Part of the reason for Stone's struggles, I think, is because he was getting whipped throughout the game, failing to pick up the blitz and getting steamrolled up front. Really, it was just a forgettable game for a talented sophomore, and it makes me wonder if he wouldn't be better-suited for guard, after all. It's hard to put him there, however. Alex Bullard -- the backup center -- spent some time with the second-team as Tuesday's practice as true freshman Marcus Jackson ran with the ones.