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BlogPoll Top 25 for Week 4: BlogPollin' and the SEC

So the BlogPoll Top 25 for Week 4 is live. Check it out - some notes:

  • Oklahoma takes the top spot on the heels of their road domination of Florida State. I get that, but I'm still a bit curious, so I'll throw it to y'all: is that a better win that LSU's neutral-site win over Oregon? Both were dominating, and I think Oregon is a bit better than FSU, which is why I gave LSU the nod.
  • Arkansas checks in at 14, not the 20 we have them at. Whether or not that makes sense, we'll find out soon enough if that ranking makes sense. Incidentally, if they keep it close against Alabama this week, I'd be tempted to leave them around 20.
  • Somebody ranked Temple after their loss to Penn State. I don't even know what to say about that.
  • Resume balloting is in full effect, which means my fears of showing up among the swing ballots is pretty safely scuttled for the year. Black Heart Gold Pants checks in with a swing of 334 between ballots, which is ...staggering. (Then again, low limits for swing are around 70, so I'm going to rank Kentucky 5th next week regardless just to be safe.)