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SEC Power Poll, Week 4

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Okay, I don't have much of a better idea going into the SEC Power Poll this week (but thanks to everyone who helped out!). Here's what we have. And yes, I do have half the conference ranked at 7 or 12.

1. LSU. Right now, they look unstoppable. They'll continue to look unstoppable until they gack up a game by 17 to Mississippi or something else insane that Les Miles would do.

2. Alabama. Nearly the cream of the class, but lacking the resume against big opponents. They'll get their chance this week.

3. South Carolina. Last week was close. Too close. Vanderbilt's a tricky, but manageable test for them.

4. Florida. Impressive performance in their first test against live ammo. Back to the practice rounds this week.

5. Arkansas. Arkansas faced their first opponent with a pulse last week and faltered a bit. Absent a strong and surprising emergence of a running game, this week is going to be a painful jolt.

6. Auburn. Placed oddly here, mainly because they have a skin over someone else in the middle of the pack. Likely not this good, but I can't justify dropping them to the same level as a team they beat, and nobody's been able to separate themselves yet.

7. Mississippi State. They're a bit harshly done in the rankings, but they lost to Auburn, so back in the mixer for them. At least they're playing an easier team from Louisiana, right?

7. Vanderbilt. Hey, Vandy's 3-0! Now the real opponents start.

7. Georgia. Took care of business and got some confidence back. There's a test this Saturday, in the sense that Sociology 101 has tests.

7. Tennessee. Justin Hunter got blown out, the team got blown out, then they came back, now it's a bye week. This doesn't even qualify as exciting given the last few years, though.

12. Mississippi. How long until Midnight Madness?

12. Kentucky. How long until Midnight Madness?