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RTT Podcast Tonight at 9:00 PM with UB Bull Run

It's back to football for the Vols this week, and back to our regular weekly podcast with our SB Nation sister sites.  Tonight we'll be joined by Tim Riordan of UB Bull Run, your SB Nation source for all things Buffalo.  We'll get a first look at UT's next opponent, as well as talk about a few general SEC happenings...but no expansion.  Our pledge to you.  We think.  I mean, technically we could talk Texas A&M and it wouldn't really be considered expansion conversation now, right?  Since they're official and all?  No?

If you're listening live tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern, follow along in the comments below with your questions and thoughts.  Here's the pertinent info:

You can listen live by clicking the sometimes magic orange widget below. Or you can wait, download it later, and listen to it in your car on the way to work tomorrow.