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SEC Power Poll, Week 5: It's Lonely at the Top

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No changes from my initial guess this time around; some of our bigger questions will be answered this week anyway, so I'm kind of fine just leaving it as it and seeing what comes out of it.

1: LSU. For their next trick, the Tigers will successfully defend the Alamo.

2: Alabama. Pretty much any other year, a team that easily evokes memories of a BCS championship winner is good enough to grab the top spot. It's not Saban's fault that LSU is playing out of their mind right now.

3: Florida. Did exactly what you're supposed to do this year against Kentucky. If they're going to round into shape, that was the perfect time with an elephant steamroller looming.

4: South Carolina. Oh, South Carolina. How I want to give you credit for your potential, but can both halves of your team actually show up in the same game, please? I hope that's not too much to ask.

5: Arkansas. Acquitted themselves reasonably well given the steamroller they ran into. They need an answer in the run game and they need it soon; Ronnie Wingo may not be that answer.

6: Auburn. Won comfortably for the first time this season, which should give them a leg up on the Sun Belt race. Still can't shake the feeling this team is held together by duct tape, Gus Malzahn, and hope.

7: Georgia. Effectively held serve in a fairly uninspiring win over Mississippi. They complete the Mississippi tour this week, but the Bulldogs should provide a much sterner test than the Rebels.

7: Mississippi State. It's Louisiana Tech. This team still feels like less than the sum of its parts, which is fitting since they play Georgia in a two teams enter, one team leaves game. (Incidentally, this wouldn't be any different than how they came in.)

9: Tennessee. Held their ground with a bye week, and will hold their ground again by effectively holding serve against Buffalo. Not much to see for the near future, at least until Georgia.

10: Vanderbilt. This is a pretty good half of a team. Unfortunately, it's the half that James Franklin wasn't hired to fix, which is odd, but Vanderbilt's propensity to muddy up games should at least make them pesky at worst.

12: Kentucky. Good lord. This team is just bad. Awful, soul-searingly bad.

12: Mississippi. We're three weeks out from this team mutinying against Houston Nutt at halftime, right? Someone's in the Circle of the Untrustables.