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RTT Guessing Game: Tennessee Vs. I Would Like to Have Seen Montana

It dawns on me as I sit down to write this that we decided late last year to post these things on Friday so folks heading to the games on Saturdays don't miss it. So, whoops and sorry. But here are today's Guessing Game questions:

  1. Other than Justin Hunter and Da'Rick Rogers, which Tennessee receiver will have the most catches? Catches, not yards, and it has to be a receiver or a tight end. Running backs don't count.
  2. Does Tauren Poole break 100 net rushing yards?
  3. How many points does Tennessee score (within three)?
Put your answers in THE SUBJECT LINE of your response to this thread. For example, my guesses:

DeAnthony Arnett, Yes, 41

Correct answers get you points in the Guessing Game season standings. Have fun, and Go Vols!