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RTT Guessing Game: Tennessee vs. Cincinnati

Of course I remembered. Several times, in fact. Fortunately, I remembered one more time than I forgot. ;-)

So, tomorrow's Guessing Game questions:

  1. How many passing yards does Tyler Bray get? Your choices are (a) Under 300; (b) 300-340; and (c) Over 340.
  2. How many different players listed as WR on the roster catch passes?
  3. Where does the combined score fall? Choices: (a) 20s; (b) 30s; (c) 40s; (d) 50s; (e) 60s; (f) 70s; (g) 80s; (h) 90s; (i) other.
Put your answers in THE SUBJECT LINE of your response to this thread. For example, my guesses:

(b), 4, (e)

Correct answers get you points in the Guessing Game season standings. Have fun, and Go Vols!