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New Year's Day (Observed) TV Schedule and Games Thread

Happy (observed) New Year's Day. Here's your Sports Television Gorge Blueprint. Who do you like in all of these things and why? Are you rooting for the SEC? Against SEC East rivals? For some and against others? And what about Oklahoma State? Do you want them to lose just to remove any doubt about who should be playing in the National Championship? How do you see the Ducks/Badgers playing out?

This is the day's thread. We'll have a separate one for the Vols' basketball game. Happy Day to you.


Ticket City Bowl: Houston vs. Penn State 12:00 ESPNU
Capital One Bowl: Nebraska vs. South Carolina 1:00 ESPN
Gator Bowl: Florida vs. Ohio State 1:00 ESPN2
Outback Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan State 1:00 ABC
Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Wisconsin 5:00 ESPN
Tennessee vs. Chattanooga 7:00 SportSouth
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Stanford 8:30 ESPN