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Updating Recruiting Fallout Thread

Well, we've lost our defensive coordinator and our best recruiter. Two-thirds of the recruiting class was defense. I'm sure you can put one and one together. This will be updated with recruiting news when it comes.

Khalid Henderson, 3* linebacker, decommitted from Tennessee last night, saying he loved Tennessee and it definitely wasn't him. Rumors abound that he's been told to look around.

Keithon Redding, 3* WR who chose us over Alabama and Georgia Tech, decommitted this morning.

UPDATE 12:33 Keithon Redding, despite Scout reporting a decommittment, has texted Josh Ward saying he's still a Vol.

UPDATE 12:53 Okay, so nobody knows what Redding is doing. "I'm open to any school." Dalton Santos, our big middle linebacker commit, is rumored to be decommitting and looking at Washington. LB Otha Peters is rumored to be looking elsewhere. More when it becomes official.

UPDATE 1:03 Keithon Redding officially decommitted

UPDATE 2:06 Danny O'Brien, the only high school DT we have committed, has told 247 he'll be thinking about things today and will likely decide tomorrow whether or not he's still a Vol. Otha Peters is still a UT commit but will look around and see who UT hires. Santos says he loves Tennessee but now has a lot to think about. Most expect him to be gone

UPDATE 6:31 Kenneth Crawley (DB) tweets "currently a Vol." Take from that what you will.

UPDATE 9:01 He's an offensive recruit, but can I just point out the awesome that is Alden Hill. From this twitter:

For those who say they are true Vols, we will kno soon enough.From here on out it's going to be an uphill battle. Im in, who's with me?

Otha Peters responds to Hill "I'm with you bra." Good sign, I suppose.