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Randy Shannon to Tennessee?

I think the following sentence is a good representation of where we're at right now:

According to Michael Palardy's twitter feed - and yes, that's Tennessee's kicker - the Vols have hired former Miami head coach Randy Shannon to replace Justin Wilcox as defensive coordinator.

If this is true - and that's still an if at this point - most Tennessee fans will step off today's twelve hour roller coaster feeling better than when they started. That's not a knock on Wilcox's coaching ability, but to get Shannon is a huge move for Derek Dooley and the Vols. Shannon was the defensive coordinator at Miami in the early part of the last decade, including the 2001 team that is on the short list of the best college football teams of the last thirty years. He then took over for Larry Coker as head coach from 2007-2010.

Shannon is also a huge get for recruiting, and with Peter Sirmon's departure the Vols have an additional opening to fill on the defensive side of the ball (plus another opening with Eric Russell's departure). Shannon could bring some firepower with him.

But for now this post has a question mark at the top, because, well, it's a kicker's twitter feed. We'll see.

But I think this, if true, would be a move almost all of us would love.

Derek Dooley will speak to the media at 10 AM ET on Tuesday. Whatever will we talk about?