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Night Games Got You Down?

Hey, look. Tennessee does in fact have two underclassmen declaring early for the NFL draft. Sure, they're technically no longer part of the team, but . . . what's that?!

So it was the offensive line? Tauren Poole is distinguishing himself as the best running back in the East-West Shrine Game.

Wake up and taste the delicious link bait. Is Chris Lofton the best three-point shooter of all time? You decide.

Pat Summitt wants your autograph and you are going to give it to her. If you are in the area and get a chance, stop by and sign the We Back Pat billboard at Gate 21 from 3:00-5:30 today. No, it doesn't take two and a half hours. That's how long they'll be "open" and letting folks sign. What kind of joker are you?

Because you're behind. Rivals/Yahoo! has a list of the current top 25 classes, said list supplemented with blurbs for those wanting to catch up a bit on recruiting. We are at #17. Orange blurb:

Derek Dooley may be getting run out of town, but he’s still putting together excellent recruiting classes. Linebacker Dalton Santos should become a favorite of new defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri, as he’s a run-stopping force. Receiver Drae Bowles should give quarterback Tyler Bray a big target in the passing game, while safety LaDarrell McNeil could eventually move to linebacker and add speed to that corps.

New plan. Coach Cuonzo wants to get Jarnell and Jeronne practice reps together. Which means, of course, that we're certain to make the NCAA Tournament. Yes, I said that just to raise the ire of Incipient and Will. Did it work?

EUREKA! I've just discovered why we're all so unhappy. Too many night games.