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Honors Bestowed on BasketVol Standouts Past and Present

MONEY! The Worldwide Leader in Sports celebrated the 25th anniversary of the three point shot (at the NCAA level) by holding a competition to elect the greatest three point sharpshooter in College Hoops history. The masses let their voices be heard, and our own Chris Lofton now gets to wear this very cool crown. And it wasn't even a close finish (there will be no debates about hanging chads) as Lofton beat out the runner-up J.J. Reddick by over 10,000 votes. Go ahead and take a trip down memory lane (after the jump):


Surprise surprise. Jarnell Stokes received SEC Freshman of the week honors shortly arriving in Knoxville in midseason mold-breaking fashion. Here is an interview with Mr. Stokes that you may or may not have seen:

Let's just stick with the video clip theme. Here is yesterday's press conference with Coach Martin:

And here is the sweetest 'Stache in all of College Basketball. By far.