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What The New York Giants Say About The BCS

This again. Dr. Saturday takes on the most stubborn of counters to the argument that college football needs a playoff, prompted by the problem actually manifesting in the current NFL playoffs in the form of the arguably subpar New York Giants going to the Super Bowl. Matt attempts to split the difference by lowering the bar to allow "worthy" teams in but raising the bar to include only those "worthy" teams. Sounds to me, though, that although that may mitigate the "hot team" problem a bit, it doesn't eliminate it altogether. No, I think Hooper has it right. We just need to acknowledge that the two systems are designed to do different things. The BCS attempts to find the best team. Playoffs and tournaments attempt to find a champion. The latter succeeds in that a winner is clear and a champion is crowned, and as long as "champion" isn't confused with "best team," all is well. The former system is almost always going to be up for debate no matter what you do. And isn't that part of the fun?

We'd take that. Cuonzo Martin hopes that the lesson Jarnell Stokes learned at the knee of Vandy's Festus Ezeli on Tuesday will pay dividends much the same way certain turnover-happy games did for Glen Robinson back in the day.

Phoning it in? Tennessee's new special teams coordinator Charlie Coiner apparently has an app for that, which is cool because ease of installation is key this season.

Where is he now? The TFP catches up with Phillip Fulmer, who seems to be comfortable with his current station in life.

Brian's right. Attendance must be a nationwide epidemic if Duke can't sell its student tickets to basketball games.