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Talking Points Embraces Defense First But Wonders What's Second

  • It appears that Jordan McRae is starting to get the Defense First message. Mike Griffith's article this morning is at odds with that message, but he does have a point about perimeter shooting. It could actually be that Cuonzo's guys are spending just as much time as "Lofton & Co." developing their game but that they're spending it where Cuonzo demands, on defense. Or it could be that Griffith is right and they're not putting in the same amount of time that Lofton and his teammates did putting up shot after shot after shot. Whatever the case, if this team figures out how to add perimeter shooting to the defense and post offense, they're going to be very good.
  • You probably already know that Tennessee has three former players in this year's Super Bowl -- Jerod Mayo and Shaun Ellis for the Pats and Deon Grant (yes, you just saw The Interception in your head) for the Giants -- but don't get too cocky. Who has more? Oh, just Boston College and Fresno State, to name a couple. And Tennessee's tied with Rutgers and Troy. Don't get me wrong, having former players in the Super Bowl is a very good thing, but . . . what, exactly? What does it mean when the Super Bowl has as many players from those other college teams I just mentioned as it does from teams like Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, and even LSU? Are we seeing college schemes not translating to the professional ranks? Is it just a time shift? I mean, Alabama's not even on the list. Thoughts?
  • I'll leave the recruiting stuff to Brad, who's doing a superb job with it, but here's a quick update on where Tennessee is ranked by the major services: Scout - #26; ESPN - #20, 247 Sports - #18, and Rivals - #11.
  • Bonus: If forgetting actually aids in recall, I am this close to genius.