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Everything that not Orange

I've been a cheer leader for the team for quite a long while. I think I can safely say I am one of the first to beg for patience when all around are screaming for heads. I can't say that I am happy with our situation. And I am here to say it will probably get worse.

It's 4th down, your 30 points behind and in the Redzone. If you go for it I swear I will eat your birthday
It's 4th down, your 30 points behind and in the Redzone. If you go for it I swear I will eat your birthday
Kevin C. Cox

The wheels aren't just off. They are long gone, bouncing past us down the freeway in a motion reminiscent of a Herbie movie.

From here out it's just madness.

South Carolina. Troy. Missouri.

Heck I can't even feel good about Vanderbilt and Kentucky anymore.

As of tonight we are 3-4.

By end of the year unless our players start executing we can easily be 3-8.

Before folks start cheering in a mad frenzy read that sentence again.

Unless our players...

I can't lay this at Dooley's feet. I'm sorry I can't. You can lead a horse to water and all that.

The only thing I can is the too many men on the field move in the first half and the kicking the FG in the 4th quarter 4th down while in the red zone and 30 points down. And even that I can let slide because truth be told there is no reason to endanger injuring a good player for 7 lousy points that we might get and still lose the game.

The running backs did their best and I have to say the RB's really stepped to the play to fill Neal's shoe's and gave it 100%. Would everyone else had.

After that Bray was throwing in to triple and double coverage and every time he got a chance he throw a long bomb in to double coverage.

Tyler Bray is Joe Namath.

He throws a ball hard enough to knock receivers and defenders on their tail. He throws to more defenders than receivers and sits at just over 50% complete.

Namath was no different, and I realize I'm showing my age here. By the time he retired he threw 173 touchdowns, 220 interceptions, and completed 1,886 passes for 27,663 yards. He was the prototypical gunslinger with a cannon for an arm and a 50% completion.

Bray can be good, he can be phenomenal. But he is not there yet. I don't know if he will ever be there. The ability to overcome adversity still looms large over this teams shoulders.

And sure the Defense played decent...but they played soft. Real soft. They played Alabama as if they were playing North Carolina. Bone head maneuvers, blown coverage, and giving up mid run in chase.

It's going to get worse before it gets better folks. Demanding Dooley's head is not going to help either and unless you liked the last three years, its not going to do us any favors because we'll be in for three more just like them.

All of that said you can put me in the gallows humor crowd effective immediately. At best we can go 5 and 6. I don't see that happening. The only bright spark I have currently is the fact the college I currently go to has won fewer and lost more games than Tennessee has this year.

I will go on a limb and say something I probably would never have ever laid on the table before tonight:

This season is done.