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Week Seven BlogPoll: Preliminary

All the good teams lose! All the bad teams win! Okay, that last part isn't true. But we still have a pileup in the middle of the BlogPoll. This is where you give your input

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

You know the drill. Chris and I have a preliminary ranking. We have a couple thoughts on it. You give your input tonight, we send our final ballot tomorrow morning.

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. South Carolina

4. West Virginia

5. Florida

6. Kansas State

7. Notre Dame

This is the end of us being comfortable with the ballot. After this, the next 4-5 teams are all overrated. 8-17 in general is an absolute mess. 20-25 is a worse mess.

8. Oregon State

9. Florida State

10. Stanford

11. Texas

12. Georgia

13. Clemson

14. LSU

15. Oklahoma

16. Texas A&M

17. Southern California

18. Louisville

19. Louisiana Tech

20. Ohio

21. Rutgers

22. Michigan

23. Baylor

24. Western Kentucky

25. Mississippi State

Considering: Cincinnater, Tennessee, Michigan State, Washington, Arizona, Toledo, Duke, San Jose State.

We have thoughts as to why we chose some of these teams over others. We talked about them in a Hangout, which has been recorded for your perusal. We generally go in order, so if you're wondering about the placement of a particular team, it should be easy enough to skip ahead to get our thoughts on that team.

If you have different thoughts, give them in the comments. If we've overrated or underrated somebody, give us arguments to support your position. If we forgot somebody, let us know.