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If Not Gruden, Then Who?

We want Chucky. But if that dream dies, who would you like to see as Tennessee's next head coach?


Let's be clear: we want Jon Gruden to be the next coach at the University of Tennessee. And you probably do too. So much so that a poll of "Who do you want as Tennessee's next coach?" that included Gruden would probably be a worthless exercise.

So let's take Gruden out of the equation. If he comes here, hallelujah. If not...where does Tennessee go from there?

We've compiled a list of all the names that are currently being named (within reason). We did not include David Cutcliffe because our former offensive coordinator was the first to leave the party yesterday afternoon. If we didn't name your name, vote other and tell us who you want in the comments.

None of us are sure how long this thing is going to take to play out. All of us are quite sure it has to be a good hire. And so a separate conversation here is, how many of these names would you consider a good hire?

Settle in, friends. Let's hope we come out of this with a name we all wanted.