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Strongwatch Must Go Another Day

Multiple Louisville news outlets reported that Cardinals head football coach Charlie Strong came and went from his team meeting without informing his players of a decision on his future. Those same sites are saying that Strong told his players he'd meet with them at 7:30 a.m. Thursday to inform them of his decision before meeting with the media at 8 a.m.

None of that has been confirmed nor denied through the university. reported this afternoon that UT athletic director Dave Hart and his wife traveled to Louisville to meet with Strong and his wife on Wednesday afternoon but returned without a head coach. So, is Strong still undecided? Has he told Hart what he plans to do and is waiting until the morning to tell his team? Will he stay or go?

All those answers appear up in the air at this point, but why wouldn't Strong have told his team this afternoon if his decision had made? I truly believe he's still torn. As I said this afternoon, if it's about money, I believe Louisville will match any offer and he will stay. If it's about coaching the best in the best conference, he'll come to Knoxville.

Still, we wait...