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CBS May Not Broadcast Tennessee-Florida in 2012: Boo?

Football. How do you feel about CBS maybe not broadcasting the Tennessee-Florida game for the first time in 16 years this fall? I have mixed emotions. When we were doing well, I loved Verne and whomever Gary Danielson's predecessor was. That Danielson's arrival roughly coincided with Urban Meyer's and Tim Tebow's time at Florida may not be fair to Danielson, but it is what it is, and what it is for me is a level of disdain of which I am almost ashamed yet all too happy to embrace anyway. And he and time have ravaged Verne, so for me, my initial thought is something along the lines of "Well, as long as we're spring cleaning, we might as well throw this out, too." How about you?

I was initially very interested in reading this article on Dave Hart from, but I was too surprised and distracted by the stink of troll breath to enjoy it. Like chocolate and garlic, I enjoy both fan perspective media and objective mainstream media, but it's best if they don't pass my palate at the same time.

Hoops. Well, the NCAA Tournament talk came to a screeching halt for the Tennessee basketball team on Saturday. Those 20-3 runs over nine minute stretches in must-win games tend to leave skid marks like that. But Cuonzo Martin says that the Unhappy Day isn't "the end of the world," which just proves that he's busy doing his job instead of listening to talk radio and reading message boards. And I don't think he's the one who brought this up, but do remember that People Who Presumably Know Things thought the Vols were the 11th-best team in the SEC but turned out to be wrong by seven (so far). Four, if you're wearing a color other than orange or if you are one of those People Who Presumably Know Things. Seriously, the team is tied for 4th in the SEC with games against Ole Miss (tied for 8th), South Carolina (last place), LSU (also tied for 4th), and a season closer at home against a good Vandy team. That's something, right?

Extries. Peyton Manning's added a "significant gift" to his scholarship program, increasing the annual recipients from one student to two. . . . GVX has a nice feature on new UT cornerbacks coach Derrick Ansley. . . . Mock drafts have Tauren Poole somewhere between Montario Hardesty and Arian Foster this year. Not bad.