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Wake Up, Things are Happening with Tennessee Sports

. . . <em>In the name of Love!</em>
. . . In the name of Love!

Rays of Sunshine? Are you paying attention, or have you been lulled to sleep? Because things are beginning to look up for Tennessee sports. How good did you expect Tennessee basketball to be this season? Well, how about as good as last year in the SEC with two games still remaining and having won six of their last seven? The team has found something that works, and it's not just the addition of Jarnell Stokes. Sure, Stokes contributed his adrenaline early and is finding his role late, but mostly it's about team defense, emphasis on "team." And on a related note, Tennessee baseball under new head coach Dave Serrano is 7-0 to begin the season for just the second time in school history. Good things are still on the table for Tennessee teams this year, so out of bed sleepy head.

Etceteras. The one year show cause penalties for some of last year's basketball staff are drawing to a close. What is Steve Forbes up to? Hint: It involves taking a scooter to work. . . . So southern gentleman Tee Martin is headed off to the big city. Don't blame Lane, blame Layla. . . . Yahoo! has an SEC spring preview that includes the surprising fact that LSU starts spring practice tomorrow. . . . Florida started its game with Georgia two points in the hole thanks to an egregiously offensive, insulting, dangerous-to-society and your mother pre-game incident. That's right, somebody dunked in the pre-game layup line. The horror. Seriously, what societal evil are we trying to regulate out of existence with that jewel?