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Dooley Explains His "We Needed to Lose to Kentucky" Comment And Jarnell Stokes Vows To Beat Them In Rupp

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Quickie Talking Points this morning:

Dooley's fate at UT depends on wins, not recruits | The Tennessean |
Um, yeah, but winning sorta depends on recruits.

UT Vols join SEC list with offers for Ridgeland High School’s Vonn Bell |
Vonn Bell’s list of football scholarship offers grew by one Thursday, and it was the one he had been waiting on for some time. - Dooley talks pressure, the off-season and more
"The fear always makes the wolf bigger than it is." - Dooley talks state of program in Q-A
"And I also made the comment that upset a lot of people that we needed to lose that Kentucky game for the long term health of the program. People didn't like to hear that. That didn't mean that I wanted to lose. And that doesn't mean I didn't work my tail off to prevent something like that from happening, but I knew we weren't right in a lot of areas. I knew that had we won and gone to a bowl and everyone feels like we are still on track that it would have been harder to correct a lot of issues that I felt needed to be addressed to get this thing right. When you lose a game like that, it allows you to sharpen your focus. It brings a group together. You find out who's really ready to roll up their sleeves and get this thing going. And I have seen a total attitude change in our football team in a positive way and that excites me. Sometimes you have to get knocked on your face before you can get to the top."

SEC Signee Comparison; MrSEC Rankings 2012 | MrSEC
Pretty interesting three-way breakdown of the SEC's recruiting classes.

Source: Derrick Ansley added to UT staff " GoVolsXtra
More connections to Alabama, although this one's a bit more tenuous.

Jarnell Stokes ready to get more physical " GoVolsXtra
"I saw it was all over ESPN; I'm definitely not used to getting my shot blocked,'' the 6-foot-8, 270-pound Stokes said Thursday. "That's something I will learn from. I have to stay with my mechanics, using my left hand and throwing my body into them, that's how you defeat a shot blocker, and something I'll do next time. "It definitely made me more hungry. I definitely wanted to win,'' he said. "If anything, I want to win at Rupp Arena. I plan on winning, before I leave, at Rupp Arena. I'm saying that on the record right now. It made me more hungry and made me dislike Kentucky more.'

'Know Your Role: Renaldo Woolridge

Video: Les Miles mocks Gunner Kiel’s ‘chest and ability to lead a program’ to the delight of LSU fans | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports
On three-star chests and five-star arms.