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Tennis Temper Tantrums and Roundball Videos Galore

You cannot be serious!
You cannot be serious!

I plan on writing more on tennis at a later date, where I will tell you all about Freshmen Brandon Fickey -- and other new additions to the team -- and his reputation for on-court McEnroe-esque outbursts, among other not-negative attributes. It appears that Mr. Fickey is doing his best to live up to his reputation. Some of you may be outraged by his behavior. And Coach Winterbotham is certainly not pleased. But I actually find it humorous. You see this in tennis all the time. For one of fourteen trillion possible examples, here is Marcos Baghdatis -- one of my favorite players, actually -- taking his frustration out on his racquets two weeks ago at the Australian Open. If you're reading this sentence and you haven't clicked on the link in the previous sentence, I think you should go back and do that. It will be worth one minute and seven seconds of your time. It is pretty funny.

After the jump, check out videos featuring Cuonzo Martin, Kenny Hall, Jerrone Maymon, Georgia highlight, and tennis highlights that unfortunately do not include temper tantrum footage.

The Cuonzo Martin Show

Kenny Hall Feature

Yesterday's Presser with Coach Martin

Yesterday's Presser With Jeronne Maymon

Also, you can listen to Coach Martin on Sports Animal's Sportstalk.

Tennessee vs. Georgia Highlights

Tennessee Tennis Highlights That Really Should Have Included Temper Tantrum Footage

Have a good day, y'all.