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Talking Points Wonders Where These Football Coaches Have Been Hiding

First, Hoops. The part of the Red Hot Role Player last night was shared by Kenny (not sure what the screws thing is about) Hall and Skystache McStacheBee, who LIT UP SC for a career high 18 points. Congrats, too, to Cam Tatum for hitting the 1,000 point threshold. Jarnell Stokes didn't play due to a wrist injury suffered in a tough practice and is day-to-day, but Mike Griffith still thinks he's UT's brightest new star due more to the head on his shoulders than the size of his shoes. He's right and all, but the whole wrist thing sort of threw a timing kink into that story, didn't it, Mike?

Football. Yowza, a giant mound of football news hatched out of nowhere this morning. The coaching staff has been locked in a room to foster staff chemistry, and the meetings have produced some great information. As always, coach Chaney serves as the class clown:

Chaney said it's pointless to make it a cool contest; the Volunteers' affable offensive coordinator insisted, capriciously, that such an endeavor would be a battle for second place.

Ba dump bump. And there's this, regarding Darin Hinshaw's move from QB coach to WR coach, leaving QBs with Chaney:

The relationship Hinshaw has built with starting quarterback Tyler Bray and backups Justin Worley and Nathan Peterman, both of whom he had a major hand with their respective recruitments, won't go to waste. Chaney joked that every time Bray throws an interception, "it will be Hinshaw's fault."

The man is jovial, and I love him for it.

Sal Sunseri couldn't exactly be characterized as jovial. More . . . driven?

"I'm going to say this when you guys are watching us, you ain't going to always see us in a 3-4. You ain't always going to see us in a 4-3. You are going to see multiplicity of fronts. It's harder to run the freaking ball on a multiplicity of fronts than it is the same front."

Sunseri's preference is to play a 3-4 scheme because of the match-up it presents.

"I like getting one-on-ones and making guys block one-on-one," Sunseri explained. "If you come out with great technique and know what you are doing, it's a one-on-one battle and we should be able to whip that guy's butt."

Sunseri don't play, and he will have our guys running into brick walls thinking they can leave football player sized- and shaped- holes in them. Luckily, Chaney will be there to tease them while they're recuperating.

Lo, the mother of all daily YouTube dumps, including UT catcher Ethan Bennett playing Rocky Top on the banjo, in easy playlist form, after the jump. Hover over the player and click the rectangle thingy to bring up a list of all of the videos in the playlist so you can pick and choose. But hey, if you have 2:14:25, have at it.